Does Genetics Play a Role in General Health?

Yes, genetics does play a role in general health. Sometimes, we just aren’t lucky in terms of which genes we inherit and it’s possible to have predispositions to an array of health conditions, such as Celiac Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease, based on the genes that we are born with.

Some people get DNA tests, which are more widely available these days, in order to see which genes they have. They are able to find out if they have the gene for Celiac, etc. It’s even possible for people to find out if they have the genes for certain forms of cancer. Bear in mind that having the gene isn’t a guarantee that you’ll develop a particular health condition. However, it does raise the odds.

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Be Kind to Your Body

Whether you know your genes or not, you should be aware that how you treat your body will also play a primary role in how you age and whether or not you stay healthy. This is why staying away from bad habits, such as alcohol, drugs and tobacco will be so smart.

People who live decadent lifestyles tend to age faster and set themselves up for health problems later on. It’s best to steer clear of toxic substances and to adopt a clean diet which is low on processed foods and high on lean proteins, vegetables, fruit and pure water.

Everyone needs treats sometimes. However, it’s best to eat a clean diet most of the time. It’s actually one of the secrets of getting the nutrition that you need in order to feel healthy, resist illness and have great energy. A clean diet will also help you to maintain a healthy weight, and this will assist you with avoiding long-term health risks which are associated with being heavy or even obese.

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Talk To Your Doctor

Lastly, we recommend building a relationship with your family doctor, if you don’t have a strong relationship already. By seeing a doctor regularly, you’ll get the medical care and attention that you need. Checkups are a vital part of staying healthy. Sometimes, people don’t go to the doctor as much as they should. Making twice-yearly checkups a part of your routine will be very smart.

Exercising, eating well and seeing a doctor will go a long way. While genes are part of our destiny, what we do is just as important and that’s why a commitment to a healthy lifestyle is such a vital part of feeling good and avoiding health problems.